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Happiness is certainly as brittle and fleeting

As a butterfly of night...

15 December 1989
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I'm the night owl who's afraid of the dark. I'm the guy who doesn't like girls. I'm the optimist who only has faith in others. I'm the animal lover who eats meat. I'm the fool who's too headstrong for his own good. I'm the real deal, even if you never realize it. More here.

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I like being random. I like walking in the rain and getting sick the next day. I like dancing to Japanese pop songs just because. I like singing badly and not caring about what other people might think. I like seeing people smile. I like making people laugh. I like being around a good vibe, ya dig?
extreme heat. spiders. indecisiveness. codependency. liars. attention seekers. hypocrites. tactlessness. fandom hypes. vanity. gas prices. social norms.

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{suu} is sweet green love. ♥

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